About Us

About us:

Tashbeak is the first Arabic-Language online platform that provides startups and SMEs in the MENA region with a full spectrum of business advisory solutions via a global network of experienced freelance consultants.

Our Mission

Tashbeak aims to reduce the barriers to growth and success for MENA startups and SMEs through offering comprehensive and specialized consulting services designed to meet each client's specific needs.

Our vision

Tashbeak envisions a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the MENA region where the number of successful startups and SMEs increase from 10% to 50% yearly.

Our Solution

Tashbeak is the first Arabic-language platform that allows businesses to find highly professional consultants. Through our digital platform, we allow clients and consultants to come together in a flexible and trusted way to deliver high quality consulting services.

The platform provides an easy to use, affordable, and secure space for online consulting sessions.

Through Tashbeak’s platform, startups and SMEs no longer need to hire consultants, and spend a lot of money. We give businesses the freedom to choose experienced consultants on-demand. Some of the features offered by Tashbeak include:

  • Searching for and choosing top consultants with a broad range of specialty and complementary skill sets and expertise areas
  • Receiving extensive client support and an easy to follow step-by-step process, and ensuring that projects are completed efficiently.

Through Tashbeak’s platform, consultants are provided with an end-to-end solution that enables them to work more flexibly and source projects that made them tick, without all the hassle of managing contracts, invoicing and payments. Some of the features offered by Tashbeak include:

  • Effortless management of workflow via the online platform, and removing the need for contracts and invoices.
  • Growth of their professional network by connecting with like-minded consultants and businesses seeking individuals with their unique background and experience.

Team members

Nuwar F Abu-Awwad

General Manager

Wasim Safi


teshreen sami sultan

Product manager

Rahaf Hassouna

content creator

Maha sohai

social media coordinator