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Account Settings

You can edit your account by going to My Account and then Edit Profile

The perfect profile has your full name, personal photo and some of your previous and current experiences. Your profile is your opportunity to show your personality. Be creative!

To confirm or change your phone number, go to My Account >> Edit Profile >> My Information >> choose your country’s zip code from the list; then, enter your area’s code and your phone number. It is better to use your mobile phone number.

Sometimes, one simple mistake in writing your e-mail or phone number could be a cause for this problem. To ensure that your e-mail and phone number are written correctly, got to Account >> Settings >> Alerts.

Or, it is possible that your e-mail has inserted our message in Junk Email. You can avoid this by removing our message from Junk Email and adding our e-mail ( to your Inbox list.

Connecting your social media accounts helps you to build trust in our community. And, for that trust, more people will comfortably communicate with you.

Connecting your social media accounts helps you in building your connections by allowing other users to follow your account either on Twitter or LinkedIn.

To connect your social media accounts to your Tashbeak account, go to My Account >> Edit Profile >> Contact Information. You can connect more than one account: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

You, also, have to confirm your e-mail when you sign up or change your e-mail on your Tashbeak account. Confirming your e-mail ensures that you received a notification message. Thus, you will be notified when you receive a new message or get a call.

A photo can express so much. Having a personal photo on your Tashbeak account helps us to confirm the perfect profile that you built. Besides, we really want to see that bright smile on your face. 

By logging in through your Facebook or Google account, we will automatically insert the photo used in the account you logged in from; of course, you can change it. To change or add a personal photo, go to My Account >> Edit Profile >> Profile Photo.

Tashbeak takes 20% commission per successful session. This amount of money is deducted from the total price of the consultation. This percentage will go to the website's operations. Our platform must stay strong so we can continue providing you with the best consultations ever. 

We understand how much it is important to you to fallow the payment process and your financial account. Simply, go to My Account >> Payments.

We have a secure payment system.

Payments and Fees How much should I pay t

If the call has not taken place yet, we will refund any charges in full after you cancel the request. In order for a refund to be processed, please cancel the call by going to My profile > Calls > (Select Relevant Call) > Cancel. Refunds for cancelled calls will be processed automatically. 

Great question! We are always thinking of good ways to help you and provide best advices with best prices. During February and March, 2017, we will continue presenting our consulting to you for 50$ per hour as an offer from Tashbeak.

We are working to facilitate the payment procedures to the consultant; your comfort matters. You can pay with all types of credit cards and electronic payment such as: MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa. In addition, you can get a discount coupon by connecting with our team.


Trust and security are our priorities. We will not reveal your personal contact information to others.

All calls are done through Tashbeak; therefore, your phone number and e-mail will not be revealed for any part.

Trust and security are our priorities. Calls in Tashbeak are, for sure, private and never recorded.

Some members may feel the need to use Skype or email, but we discourage this because some members may feel uncomfortable in sharing such information. We don't want our members to feel pressured to disclose such information to unfamiliar members.

Also, if any paid consultant chooses to connect the conversation using other means, Tashbeak is unable to handle the necessary transactions relating to the paid expert. It's important to keep communication and transactions on Tashbeak to best ensure trust and safety and to adhere to our terms of service.  

Trust and security are our priorities. Tashbeak signs legal agreements with each consultant to guarantee that the consultant will keep your information private. 

Member FAQs

Here's a few simple steps to making a call request on Tashbeak:

1. Sign Up.

To be able to call an expert on Tashbeak, you'll need to sign up as a member. It's completely free and you can use Facebook, or your email address to sign up here.

 As soon as you're done completing your profile you can start searching our global community of consultants to make your first call request with.

2. Search for Your Consultant

 Search on our consultant's list for the consultant you want. You can also 'favorite' consultants (and go back to them later) by clicking the star in the upper right-hand corner of their profile page.

3. Schedule a Call

After you've found your consultant, you can make a call request by clicking "Schedule a Call" on their Profile page. You'll then be taken to the Call Details page where you'll fill in the required fields:

Reason for Call: Be specific about the problem you're facing and less about your business and background.

Approximate Length of Call: This is only to give the consultant an idea of how long the call will take (it can still be longer or shorter when the actual call happens. The member will be charged the consultant's per-minute fee regardless).

Cell Number: This is completely private and is only needed to send you an SMS reminder 5 minutes before the call happens (just so you don't forget).

After filling in the required fields, enter 3 dates and times to talk to the expert that works with your schedule. These may not be dates and times that work for the consultant.

After that, you'll be asked to enter your credit card information. Your credit will be deducted based on the duration of the call you have selected.

Tashbeak seeks to help you finding the right consultant. You can easily check our consultants' list and clarify the results through  choosing “hour price”, “the latest” or "choose specialty". In case you can’t find the consultant you are looking for, Do not hesitate to contact with us.

When you're paying for a consultant's time, it's good to be prepared to make the most out of the call. Here's a few suggestions about having killer conversations with consultants :

1.Define the Problem(s)

This should be the first thing you do, even before you find a consultant . Get it out on paper. What exactly are you seeking advice for? What problem(s) do you want to solve?

2.Send the expert a message before the call

Once you schedule a call, sending a message to the expert with bullet points of any useful details, questions or background info helps make your time together more productive. To send a message, go to your Calls > Click on the call > Click "Send a Message" > Type your message in the Inbox > Hit "Send".

3.Break the ice, but know when to move on

 It's good to start off with some small talk to break the ice. Get comfortable, but move on as quickly as naturally possible to the meaty part of the conversation. Remember, time is money.

4.Prioritize your questions

 Ask the more important questions first and make sure they're fully addressed before moving on to the lesser important ones.

5.Finish it off classy

 ​If you feel like you had a good Tashbeak call with a consultant, let them know. Give the consultant a positive review since it helps them get more calls by raising their Clarity search rankings.

We hope these points help you have better interactions on Tashbeak. If you have any success stories about your Clarity calls, we'd love to hear them'. Shoot us an email at and keep us posted!

When a call request is made, both member and consultant will have the capabilities of sending each other messages.

To send a message, go to your Calls page > Select the member/consultant  you'd like to send a message to > Click "Send a Message".

To reply to a message, simply go to your Account > Inbox > Type your message below and press enter.

You send a message to consultants to ask clarifying questions before requesting a call by going to their profile, and clicking on the little envelope icon that is part of the "Schedule a call" button.

Tashbeak is meant for helping people get great business advice. Although we do have several angel investors and venture capitalists, pitching people is not what Tashbeak is meant for. Our consultants are part of the Tashbeak community to help propel entrepreneurs forward and provide amazing advice to steer them in the right direction.

Consultant FAQs

The secret to being a successful expert lies in seven expert standards that every great expert meets. Here are Tashbeak's six standards.

Accuracy: ensure that your profile and listing's photos, experience, accomplishments, and general description accurately reflect the advice the member will experience.

Communication: respond to all enquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours.

Availability: respond to each request for a call by either accepting, suggesting new times or cancelling with a valid reason.

Commitment: ensure that you can commit to the member before accepting a call request. If a cancellation is unavoidable, make every effort to help the member reschedule or find someone else on Tashbeak to help.

Welcome: make sure that your prepared and on-time for your call at the predetermined time.

Helpful: during the call, be sure to answer the questions being asked in a clear and helpful way.

To optimize your listing for Tashbeak's internal search, as well as for major search engines like Google and Bing, make sure to do the following:

1. Include potential search terms in your title and description.

Think about how people search for consultants. Help with Social Media marketing might include words like Twitter, Google+, Social Strategy, etc. Mention any companies or past clients that you've worked with. Include detailed descriptions of your accomplishments and related tools & techniques you might use.

2. Set a competitive hourly rate.                                                  

Take a look at what other consultats in your category are charging and use a similar price. It’s a good idea as a new expert to start off at a slightly lower rate, then raise it as you get more reviews. Searches are made using specific keywords and quality ratings. Making sure your profile details are up to date will ensure you're reaching the right members.

3. Complete each section of your listing and your Tashbeak profile.

Utilize all of the fields avialable to manage your listing and profile. Be as descriptive as possible as to your accomplishments, background and expertise.  High quality photos are extremely important.

Not anyone can be a consultant. You  can apply to be a consultant on Tashbeak by following the application process.

All expert applications are reviewed by our team and assessed based on their background, the demand from our community for the expertise, and completeness of their profile.

Be sure to review our Terms of Service & Expert Standards for further information regarding our community expectations.

How do I create a great profile?

Showcasing your expertise is essential in making you stand out and having members reach out to you. We'd like to give you 7 quick tips to help you make your profile awesome.

1. Friendly Profile Photo

Having a high quality casual but professional profile image is very important. Having a friendly photo of yourself in your profile helps create trust and shows that you are a real person that we can talk to.

2. Add your Areas of Expertise

Listing the various areas of expertise you're able to help someone with is very important.  Great listing titles include not only the keywords they would use in a search, but it should also include benefits & details.

3. Complete your mini-resume description

Members looking for advice may not know who you are (weird, right?!, so help them out by telling them about your background, what you do and any relevant experience or passions that provide context to the topics and areas of expertise listed on your profile.

4. Add relevant topics

Our mission is to help others looking for someone with your skill sets to find and connect with you. "Topics" is the best way to do this. We allow every member to select up to 10 topics that best define their skills, knowledge, experience or passions that they feel comfortable talking about. 

5. Set a fair hourly rate

Not sure what your hourly rate should be? We suggest taking your annual salary, divide that by 2,000 (that's the amount of hours in a working year). Please note that any changes made to your rate details will only apply to calls requested after the change.

You can start taking calls from members as soon as your Tashbeak expert consultant application is approved and your profile is complete. When a member submits a call request with you, it's easy to schedule, reschedule, cancel or connect with the member. Here's how it's done:

You can accept a scheduled time

It's great when a requested call from a member also works for you. Here's how you accept a requested time.  

Go to your Calls > Click the call > Click "accept" beside any of the 3 suggested times

You can reschedule the call

Sometimes, the member's request dates/times won't work for you. Not to worry, you can request different times with them and go back and forth until you reach one that works for both of you:  

Go to your Calls > Click the call > Click "Reschedule" > Suggest 3 alternative times that work for you > Click "Submit" and "Send"

You can cancel the call

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you won't be able to take the call at all. Not the most ideal situation, but you can cancel the call outright (just keep in mind that the more calls you cancel, the more you'll drop in the Clarity search rankings and may even put your account at risk of being deleted.  

Go to your Calls > Click on the call > Scroll down to "Can't Take the Call" > Select a reason and confirm

You can ask for more details about the call request.

If you're not sure about the call (maybe you're unsure about the reason they're requesting to speak with you or whether or not you'll be able to help them) - you can send them a message to Tashbeak the request or even just engage them before the call. This will make your call more productive, which will increase your chances of a higher rating, getting a higher Tashbeak search placement, and more calls. All good things! Here's how: ​

Go to your Calls > Click on the call > Click "Send a Message" > Type your message in the inbox > Hit "Send"

Each call you complete will include the Tashbeak service fee. We have a secure payment system and all currencies on Tashbeak are currently in U.S. funds.

Once the call has been completed, you'll be able to see the amount you earned.

Clarity continuously selects experts to appear in our featured lists. Featured experts are typically uniquely remarkable, have great response times, excellent ratings and reviews and provide exceptional advice.

Ensure your email address is correctly entered and go to your Account > Settings > Notifications > Under "Emails", switch Call Requests ON.

If you're still not getting email notifications, it's possible that your email provider mistakenly marked our emails as spam and sent them to your spam or junk folders. You can help avoid this by removing our messages from your spam list and adding " "".

Adding an Area of Expertise to your profile for each type of advice that you'd like to give will dramatically increase your chances of being found and getting more calls.

To add an Area of Expertise go to Edit Your Profile > Expertise Listings