Terms of Service

Terms of service

Acceptance of terms

Welcome to www.tashbeak.com. Tashbeak is A business Cycle Platform that connects between consultants and those who are interested in business and investment in the Arab world. It provides them with information and advices to help them succeed in their projects and investments. By using and registering into the website, you do agree to the legal commitment of  these Terms of Service whether you are a registered user of the services or not. These terms control your access and usage of the website and its services (as listed below) and they represent a legal connection between you and Tashbeak.

We hope you carefully read these terms and our Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree on these terms, you have no right in taking information or continuing using the website’s services. Failing in using the website and following the terms will expose you to civil and criminal penalties.

Website’s services are an online platform through which consultants create listings (as listed below) that provide information and advice for those who seek them. You agree and understand that Tashbeak is not a part of any agreement made by the members (as listed below). Tashbeak has no power over the members’ behavior or the website users and it denies every responsibility related to this subject.


Website’s services are available only for people who are between 18 years old and above. Using and accessing the website is prohibited for anyone less than 18. By using the website you acknowledge that: 1- you agree on these terms, and 2- you are 18 years old or above and  capable to form  legally binding contracts.  

User Account Registration

Third Party Registration: you can log in to your account through specific third party social networking sites (SNS) like (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn). 

As a part of the website, you can connect your Tashbeak account with the third party accounts through:

  1. Providing the third party’s information to your Tashbeak account through the Website.
  2. Allowing Tashbeak to access your third party account as it is permitted according to the terms and conditions that control your usage of any third party account. You agree that Tashbeak has the right to reach or access your account without exposing it to any fee payments or any restrictions imposed by the third party’s users.

By giving Tashbeak the ability to reach the third party accounts, you must know that Tashbeak will make any content provided by your third party account (SNS account) available on the website, its services and your Tashbeak account. Depending on the third party accounts, you are subjected to privacy settings. The private information you published on your third party accounts will be available on the website. Please note that if the third party account was unavailable or Tashbeak’s reach for the third party account was terminated, the content will no longer be available on the website. You have the ability to disconnect between your Tashbeak account and third party accounts through the website’s Settings Section.  


For more information about Tashbeak’s Privacy Policy, information and private information usage, please visit: https://www.tashbeak.com/english/Policy.


“Appointment” means a scheduled phone call coordinated by the services between you and one of our experts.

“consultant” means the member who provides information and advice for other members through the website’s services.

“Member” means the person who completes the registration to Tashbeak as described under “User Account Registration” below, and that includes, with no exception, the consultants and those who seek information.

“Tax” means sales taxes, value added taxes (VAT), goods and services taxes (GST) and any other type of taxes.

There are certain parts of the website that could have their own different terms and conditions and you may be required to agree on more terms and conditions. If there happened to be any contradiction between Terms of Service and the terms of these certain parts, the later will have the priority regarding your reach and access to that part of the website.

By agreeing on using the website, you note that you read, understood and agreed on committing to these terms whether you are a registered user of the services or not. If you don’t agree on these terms, you have no right in using the website and its services. If you agree on these conditions on behalf of a company or any legal entity, you ensure that you have the authority to make them committed to these terms. In this case, you and what you own refer to that company or legal entity.

How the website’s services work?

Tashbeak’s Website is a platform for members to communicate and schedule appointments to exchange information with other members. You can see the listings as a registered visitor of the website, but if you want to use the services, you must register as a member.

Tashbeak’s role is to facilitate the availability of the website and its services like scheduling appointments, connecting calls and integrating payment. Tashbeak is not responsible for the contents published by the members or any exchanged information and advice during the appointments or otherwise. Tashbeak does not verify the credentials of its members. The experts are not employees at Tashbeak, they are independent service providers who market their expertise for other members. Tashbeak is not responsible for any loss or harm caused by your independence on the information provided by the members’ contents. 

We hope you notice that the website aims to facilitate members’ communication. Tashbeak is not responsible for the contents and information exchanged in or provided by the services. By that, all members use the website and its services at their own risk. 


The website, its services and all of  its contents are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws of the United States and Arab countries. You acknowledge and understand that the website, its services and contents – including all associated intellectual property rights – are an exclusive property of Tashbeak and its licensors. It is not allowed to remove, change or hide any copyright, trademark, service mark or other proprietary rights notices incorporated in or accompanying the website, its services and contents.

Content License

Because you commit to these terms and conditions, Tashbeak grants you a limited non-exclusive, non-transferable license to:

  1. Reaching and viewing any content on Tashbeak for personal, not commercial, purposes.
  2. Reaching and viewing any content any member allows you to reach for personal, not commercial, purposes. You have no right to re-license the license rights in this section.

You are not allowed to use, copy, edit, prepare derivative works based upon, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display or perform, transmit, broadcast or exploit the website, its services and contents in any way or another except for what is clearly allowed in these terms. No licenses or rights are implicitly granted to you under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by Tashbeak or its licensors except for the licenses and rights clearly granted in these terms.


Proprietary Rights Notices

All the used trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names and any other proprietary designations of Tashbeak are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tashbeak.

Copyright Policy

Tashbeak respects copyright law and its users are expected to do the same.


You are alone responsible for all of your interactions with the website users, services or others whom you communicate with as a result for using the website or services. You must know that Tashbeak doesn’t check any member’s statements to the website and services. Tashbeak doesn’t make and endorsements or guarantees regarding the website users’ behavior or their compatibility with any current or future website users. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all of your interactions with the website users, services or others whom you communicate with as a result for using the website or services, including the experts, regardless of whether these interactions or communications are organized by Tashbeak.